How To Choose The Best Case For Your New Computer

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How To Choose The Best Case For Your New Computer

The case that you select is like the styling of a car. The selection of a case is primarily based on personal aesthetic taste and secondarily based on practical use, particularly in the case of kaizen computers cases, which are all hand selected for their superior quality. While you may select any case you want for a case (even one which we do not have listed in our catalog) we recommend the ones on our site the most.

Looking at the pictures is the best way for you as a customer to gauge which styling you like the best. Because we provide you the model number of every part within our catalog, doing your own further research is a simple manner of copying and pasting the model number into Google. There are literally hundreds of cases to choose from, which is why you will only see a handful of the selection on our site. There are simply too many too list, and therefore we only list the very best for you.


In terms of performance, there are a few things to look out for. In general, a case should be manufactured by a quality name brand such as Antec, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, Corsair, or NZXT.

  • The case should be built of quality materials like steel or aluminum, and the less plastic, which is relied upon the better. When selecting a case material, keep in mind the thickness of that material. Thicker steel is much better than a thinner one.
  • A larger case with larger fans is proffered as this will help dissipate noise and heat, as well as provide more room for expansion later.
  • One final but important feature of any case is to consider the wire manageability of the case. If a case is easier to wire tie, it will look better and be easier to upgrade.
  • Consult websites like to read reviews about individual cases to help you gauge which individual case is your best bet.


Adding your own unique styling to a case is where the fun comes in. You generally have the option to pick a case color as well as case lighting preferences. Choose from case fanlights, LED sticks, and liquid cooling tubing color. Also select whether you want a clear side panel (recommended) so that you can show off kaizen computer’s industry leading wire management and intelligent design. The case is the one component you will probably never need to replace, so choose wisely. I’ve still got my first computer case… an Antec 1200 full tower.